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We are now on Telstra Plus Market


So what is the Telstra Plus Market?

The Telstra Plus Market is designed for small to medium Telstra Plus Business tier members, like us, to reach more people, grow our online presence and reward our customers when you shop with us.

For Telstra customers it is made to show them new business and help them earn points when they spend with that Telstra Plus business – In this case us!

The points you as a customer earn when you spend with us will help you earn points that you can then redeem with Telstra in their reward store on devices, tech and more.

Telstra Plus Market can help you reach new customers and reward existing ones, all in one place. You can do this by creating unique Telstra Plus points offers that incentivise your customers.

The new channel allows Telstra Plus members to take advantage of exciting offers and explore businesses from across Australia. With Telstra Plus Market, supporting small businesses is even more rewarding.

Telstra Plus Points for Smoke Alarms
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