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Following is important information that will help you comply with the new Queensland smoke alarm regulations and give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right smoke alarm brand and installer.

By 1st January, 2027 it will be mandatory for every Queensland dwelling to have photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms, adjacent areas outside of the bedrooms, and at least one on each level of the dwelling.

If you are selling your Queensland dwelling, then it’s your contractual obligation to meet these new requirements.  If your dwelling doesn’t comply with settlement, then the purchaser can deduct .15% off the purchase price under clause 7.8. The purchaser has the right to inspect the property, with reasonable notice under clause 8.2 or the REIQ residential contract.

From 1st January, 2022 all leased dwellings must comply before the commencement of a new lease or a lease renewal.

It’s important that you choose a reputable installer who understands the new regulations such as Queensland Smoke Alarms. You can book this service by visiting or 1800 548 372.  Smoke alarm experts can ensure that the safety of occupants and your home insurance isn’t compromised.

When seeking an installer, it’s wise to ask the following questions:

1. Are you a service warranty agent for the products you install? 

If the installer is not a service warranty agent, then you’ll need to claim warranty directly through the manufacturer which can be an arduous task and the manufacturer will likely only offer to send you the replacement part for you to arrange your own installation and the programming of it.  This is called a “product warranty” only.

2. Smoke alarm brands interconnect within their own brand and manufacturers will only accept a warranty claim if the entire interconnected smoke alarm system remains the same brand.  It’s important that if one starts to fault over the life of the smoke alarm (10 Years) that you can get your hands on the same brand, otherwise your smoke alarm system will become “non-compliant”.  There a many smoke alarm installers who are installing their own brand that is not available to purchase in the Australian smoke alarm market.

3. Ask how long the smoke alarm company has been in business.  This legislation has brought with it many new start-up businesses and franchises that may not be trading in the years to come.  If you encounter issues with your smoke alarms, then most smoke alarm manufacturers require you to go through the installer to claim warranty.  

4. What is the smoke alarms’ warranty and how long is it covered under warranty? Do they send you a replacement part for you to install and reprogram or will they send you a service agent with the part to install and reprogram for you?  The manufacturer of RED smoke alarms covers you for 10 years for both the product and the service agent to install and program it for you.  All smoke alarms must be replaced 10 years after their manufacture date.

6. Will I be locked into a maintenance subscription service or contract?  

Be very careful here!  Anyone can perform maintenance, so you do not need to engage a smoke alarm service provider to do this for you.  There is no licence required to test, clean, and change batteries in smoke alarms.  This stands for leased dwellings as well as owner occupied dwellings.  Most property managers want you to use their smoke alarm maintenance service provider, but you can choose your own or even do this maintenance yourself.

7. Will I have to change the batteries in the smoke alarms you install?  

You can have smoke alarms installed where you do not have to change batteries for the life of the smoke alarm.

8. Are your installers your employees or contractors and are they qualified electricians?  

Only a qualified electrician can install and replace hardwired smoke alarms.

9. *Super important question – Where can I purchase the smoke alarm you are intending to install because I know that when they are out of warranty or if they start to fault, I will need to replace the faulty smoke alarm with the same brand? 

It’s important to install a smoke alarm that is readily available.  It’s risky business choosing an installer who installs their own branded smoke alarm.  This means you are cornered if you encounter any issues with your smoke alarms as you must go back to the supplier.  Let’s hope they are still operating, or you will face having to replace all your smoke alarms with another brand.

10. We recommend you read the installers’ Google reviews left online. especially those that are less than 5 stars. 

11. Am I required to pay a deposit or full payment upfront?  

Why should you pay anything before the job is completed and you are 100% satisfied?

12. How long do I have to wait before you can carry out this work?

13. Ask how OLD the smoke alarms are that are being installed.  Smoke alarms must be replaced 10 years from their manufacture date and unfortunately, we are finding that many installers are installing smoke alarms that are already almost 2 years old.  You should demand the smoke alarm be no older than 6 months old.  Most smoke alarms are manufactured offshore and are approximately 3 months old when they land on our shores. Remember, they must be replaced 10 years after their manufacture date!

All smoke alarms must be installed in accordance with the Building Fire Safety (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Legislation Amendment Regulation 2016.

Upgrading your dwelling in accordance with this mandatory regulation will allow you to sell, rent and assist you in insuring your property against fire from 1.1.22.

Our team of accredited master electricians at Queensland Smoke Alarms fulfil all the above and we look forward to the possibility of helping your Queensland dwelling comply and LIVE FIRE SAFE.

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