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Selling Your Property in Queensland? Ensure Your Smoke Alarm Compliance with Queensland Smoke Alarms

Selling your Property - Smoke Alarm Compliance

Smoke Alarm Compliance Navigating the property market in Queensland can be both exciting and challenging. Beyond the usual considerations of price, location, and presentation, there’s a critical component that sellers must not overlook: smoke alarm compliance. With Queensland’s stringent regulations, ensuring your property meets these standards is not just a legal obligation but a moral […]

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Struck Match - Fire and Smoke

A report based on research by Fire and Rescue and the CSIRO into the effectiveness of photoelectric smoke alarms showed stronger measures were needed to give residents time to escape. Did you know that 78% of house fire deaths are between midnight and 8.00am? Did you know that 16 per cent of all fires occur in […]