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Smoke Alarm Booking Questions

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is the dwelling highset or lowset ?(Required)
How many bedrooms are in the dwelling?(Required)
From 1.1.22 all Queensland Managed Properties will require a Photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarm to be installed in every bedroom in the dwelling and all other Queensland dwellings are required to be compliant by 1.1.27.
How many of these bedrooms have existing wired smoke alarms?(Required)
This will mean that you won't be paying for an new install, only a replacement cost per unit which includes changing the smoke alarm to photoelectric type and to interconnect the existing smoke alarm to the new installs.
How many hallways/adjacent rooms are outside of these Bedrooms?(Required)
New Qld smoke alarm regulations require a smoke alarm to be installed in the hallway or adjacent room outside of the bedroom/s.
How many hallways/adjacent rooms already have a hard wired smoke alarm?(Required)
If a hard wired smoke alarm already exists in the this area the you only require a replacement smoke alarm and interconnection wire not a new install so these will be lower than the cost of a new install.
The questions we have asked meet the MINIMUM smoke alarm requirements for Queensland dwellings however you can have more smoke alarms installed in other areas for peace of mind. Existing smoke alarms that are in locations other than those required can be replaced and interconnected for the same price as a new installation. Deleting and removing existing smoke alarms in non-required locations are fee free. QSA is not responsible for patching and painting the removed smoke alarm.
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