Ensure You Satisfy The Current Smoke Alarm Regulations With QSA

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Satisfy The Current Regulations With QSA

Make sure you are compliant
with current regulations


Under the current Qld Regulations, there must be a minimum of one smoke alarm outside sleeping areas and one alarm on each level of the home.

Any existing fire alarm that expires (10 years from manufacture) or does not test properly, must be replaced with a photoelectric alarm compliant with Australian Standard 3786-2014.


Existing hard wired alarms

Must be replaced with hard wired photoelectric smoke alarms.

Current regulations

Apply to all rental properties until 1/1/22 and all other properties until 1/1/27.

Future regulations

After the 1/1/27 all Queensland dwellings must comply with QFES Amendment Act 2016.


The QSA Interconnected Service


Costs $187.00 per hard wired alarm or wireless and allows you to become compliant with future regulations progressively or immediately.


Upgrading to a 10 year lithium battery backup smoke alarm means you will never have to change a battery in your smoke alarm again and it only costs an extra $33.00. 

The cost of a normal 9V battery backup is approximately $6.60 per year (and you have to get up and change it) so over the life of the alarm you will save approx. $33.00 in batteries as well as limiting its maintenance.  

Future Proof Your Property

The Interconnected Service

Any new or significantly renovated Queensland residence from 1/1/17 must comply immediately to the NEW Fire and Emergency Services Qld Amendment Act 2016


Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms.

Future Compliance

Your dwelling or property will be completely compliant with future smoke alarms regulations.

Don’t have to do it all at once

These regulations are being phased in over 10 years so you can update your alarms at a pace that works for you.

Battery powered solutions


In some cases 9v battery powered or radio frequency 9v 10 year lithium battery alarms have to be used, QSA will ensure you have the right alarm for the job.


Accredited Master Electricians

Your alarms will be installed by professional Accredited Master Electricians.

Peace of mind

Never worry about the fire safety of your property again.

Getting 1-2 smoke alarms installed every year in your property, until your property is 100% compliant with the future Fire and Emergency Services 2016 Amendment Act will help alleviate a large once off expense closer to your relevant compliance date.

The following phase periods indicate when full compliance is necessary:

  • Managed Properties (Rentals) – 5 Years from 1/1/17 must be compliant by 1/1/22;
  • Owner Occupier Properties – 10 Years from 1/1/17 must be compliant by 1/1/27.

Landlords And Property Managers

Must test, clean and replace flat batteries
30 days before starting or renewing a tenancy

Queensland Smoke Alarms offers an Annual Smoke Alarm Service  that will ensure all your responsibilities and obligations as a property manager/landlord are met ($99.00).


Must continue to test, clean and replace flat batteries
at least once every 12 months


Advise the property owner/manager if there is any issue with the alarm (apart from batteries).

Allow the property owner/manager right of entry to install smoke alarms.

Must not remove a smoke alarm or the battery (other than to replace it), or do anything to reduce the effectiveness of the alarm e.g. paint it.

Queensland Smoke Alarms offers an Annual Smoke Alarm Service  that will ensure all your responsibilities and obligations as a property manager, landlord or tenant are met ($99.00).



QSA Only Sends Accredited Master Electricians

This means your property and our service is backed by a Master Electricians Australia Warranty.

Should your property require additional or replacement smoke alarms QSA is able to supply and install them for you.

There are three options available:

240V Photoelectric Interconnected Alarm

Supplied and installed (Hard Wired) – Compliant to (AS) 3786-2014




9V 10 Year Lithium Battery Operated Photoelectric Interconnected Alarm

Supplied  and installed – Compliant  to (AS) 3786-2014




Photoelectric Alarm

Supplied and installed (Not interconnected) – Compliant to (AS) 3786-2014


*The type of smoke alarm installed and connection method used will depend on the layout of the property, and also whether you want to become immediately compliant to the future regulation or only compliant to the current regulation.

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